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Skilled Worker VISA - Eligibility Check


Hi, looking for some advice, I have asked the ESFA Helpdesk but the response was not helpful. 

  • We have a Candidate from Hungary that came to UK September 2022.
  • They provided a share code, which we inputted via the normal settled status share code site, but it came up with a 'skilled worker' status, and candidate confirmed that they are not settled or pre-settled.
  • I asked ESFA Helpdesk, and got copy/paste response of the Non-UK Nationals section of the rules (i.e. candidate would have to be in UK for past 3 years before enrolment)

Question is, would this not in fact move to the 3 years in the UK and/or EEA category? As they have a VISA to work in the UK that is valid now (but the rules obviously only state this for candidates that are 'settled' and this is a 'skilled worker' - which is not mentioned in the rules)

Thanks in advance for any guidance



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Almost feel a bit sorry for ESFA here (almost!). Would be impossible for them to list every visa type, so anything not explicitly mentioned , including this, comes under the "needs three years" catch-all.

I don't think it's usual for anyone with Settled through EUSS to have been here for less than five years (I Am Not An Immigration Official) so "settled and been here three years" is somewhat of a tautology.

Aaron Macadam

Thanks for your reply Steveh, looking like this one will not be eligible then - my request with ESFA actually just got escalated so will update should anything come of it.

Thanks again,