Ella Howard

Small employer reserved funding - late to add apprentice


Hi, we are working with a small employer who is not yet very confident with their app service account, they said they had reserved funding for their apprentice back when she started on programme in October, but when we went to start claiming funding after 42 qualifying period, they hadn't sent the request correctly so we couldn't add the apprenticeship. Now the reserved funding window has passed, when we or they go to add the apprentice we can't back date the start date to October as we can only select a start date with the reserved funding from Jan-Mar 2023. Does anyone know of a way around this?


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Nope, there's no way round it. Will have to restart them now.

Marginally more worried that you're waiting 42 days to claim funding, that's, that's not how it works. Get Everyone On before/as they start and, if it happens that they don't pass 42 days, then you deal with it then, you don't wait to see if it happens...

Ella Howard

Thanks Steve, this is our first time working with small employers and the reserved funding system, so bit of a learning curve for us and them. So essentially we can only claim funding from Jan 2023 at the earliest for this apprentice?


Yes and you'll have to redo all the paperwork to reflect that, effectively the last three months don't "count".

With non-levy in particular, getting it all set up before you start is vital (although I'd do it for everyone).

Ruth Canham-James

Watch your new end date as well, as you're moving your start date forward 3 months, so will likely need to move the end date by 3 months. If the employer won't budge on the original Planned End Date, that reduces your planned duration. If that goes below a year, it's now not a valid apprenticeship.

Any OTJ already done before the start month, cannot now be counted towards any completed OTJ. 

It's happened to us for a couple of complicated reasons, and it is a right faff re-doing all the paperwork, and explaining to the employer why we need them to sign everything again, and why the end date needs to move.

As Steve said, we'd never wait 42 days, we make sure everything is all ready to go in advance. If we ever get enrolment paperwork for someone who doesn't have an apprenticeship service record/reservation yet, we chase that really quickly. That's the same for levy or non-levy payers. If they don't end up staying for 42 days, the funding just gets clawed back automatically.