Bill Smith

Apprenticeship - Return from BIL


I was wondering if anyone could provide some clarity on the following.  We have an Apprentice who has completed 18months of a 24month programme and then taken a break.  The learner has since returned and completed a further 7months, so the learners entitlement has been delivered.  The learner has now moved from an employer/provider to an employer.  How would you expect the remaining delivery to be recorded within the ILR?  There are discussions internally that the learner should be recorded as having a one day duration, but with a view to the learner exceeding this.  Plus how will it impact on the number of OTJ hours and would the new employer be charged?


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Sarah Wartnaby

Hi Bill, 

The only time the ILR can be changed would be from a restart of the BIL. By the sounds of the above the learner has returned, completed another 7 months and moved companies (so the ILR should be showing a restart and live). My understanding is that you would amend the employment status to the new employer adding in the effective date, LOE and EII to their record. You would then add a residual Negotiated price under TNP 3 & 4 under the financial record - funding remaining is the original 20% of the NPR. If they are SME and would normally be a co-investment, it would be 5% (or ten depending on original start date) of the 20%.