Bill Smith

EFA Study Programme - Progression


I was wondering if someone would be able to clarify the following.  We have an EFA learner who has completed a Level 2 qualification.  The learner is a roll over from academic year 21/22 and in 22/23 we are claiming part-time funding band.  The learner now wishes to progress to the level 3 qualification and given the funding rules state that learners should only complete one episode of EFA learning within an academic year, we were wondering if this is feasible?  

Also, if the above scenario is possible, how would we manage the planned learning hours in the ILR?  Would we include hours for both qualifications.  Both programmes individually fall into the part-time funding band in 22/23 and therefore adding the hours together would result in a full-time programme claim.


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Hi Bill

So was the initial Learning Plan only Part-Year? If so, then it's P132 that you're looking for:

132. When institutions recruit students to start short study programmes, they must only record the planned hours for the planned short programme. Institutions may plan programmes for students with the intention of starting the student on a short or nested qualification and progressing them onto a larger qualification when they are successful in the smaller one. In such cases, the planned hours for the programme must only include the hours for the smaller or nested qualification. When the institution is sure that the student will progress onto the larger qualification, they can update the planned hours to include the additional delivery. This advice applies equally whether or not there is a gap between a student’s initial short study programme and their longer study programme. An example of such a student has been added to Annex B as Timetable example 3. 

(my emphasis) So, basically it's fine, it's all one episode/programme as far as they're concerned.