Claire Marshall

Transferred to updated standard (WD reason 40) and QAR


Hi all,

We have a handful of apps in 2020 who transferred from the retired Nursing standard and were transferred (using WD reason 40) onto the new one and have since completed.

Does anyone know if WD reason 40 would be classed as a 'normal' WD in the QAR? 




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Withdrawal Reason 40 *should* exclude the initial record from the QAR calculation.

However, it's a little difficult to spot in the QAR data itself because they still use the old value of Completion_Status 4 (column R on the spreadsheet) to denote a transfer.

So all of these learners will be in the data BUT in column BL (!!!), Transfer_Overall_Excl they should have a 1 and, obv, be "QAR Exclusions" in column BE, QAR_Status_Overall.

The only situation where it *wouldn't* exclude them would be if there were more then 120 days (or, to be super pedantic, less than 0) between their act end date on the initial aim and start date on the new one (this was introduced to stop unscrupulous providers "transferring to nothing").