Sue Scott

Functional Skill L1 funding


Learner is doing a L3 Apprenticeship (so needs L2 FS)

They have GCSE Grade 3 (exemptions from L1 FS) - confirmed certificates

IA has shown they are working below L1

The funding rules (For L3 Apprentices) are a bit vague in relation to funding for L1 FS in this case.

I always thought that if the learner has aceptable L1 qualifications you cannot claim L1 FS funding prior to L2 FS funding even if the IA comes out at E3.

Could someone please clarify this please



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Martin West

You are correct in that prior attainment always takes precedence over initial assessment results, the rules are clear you cannot claim funding for L1 Maths or English where they have acceptable prior qualifications.