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Welcome to ESFA communities Pinned 5
Apprenticeship and ALl 0
16-18 start changed employment and funding stream to DAS 1
Can the co-investment payment split into three? 2
Apprentice found new employment after 30 days 2
Understanding the ESFA Remittance Advice 3
19-24 Traineeships 2
Delayed EPA 0
Transfer or New Start 2
Apprentices and Laptops 4
R05 Payment 0
GCSE grades 1
Supported Internship and ERN 4
Apps Period End Reports 2
Who can complete a English Apprenticeship standard? 2
National Skills Offer 3
Subcontractors Declarations 2
Co-invest Report 3
Change Apprentice Standard Level 4
Study Programme Withdrawals 3
Co-Investment Payment from Second Employer? 5
Employer change and DLOCK_10 error 5
Amending payment records after hard close 2
Written Agreement/Contract for Services 0
Off the job calculation formula 3
Learner unable to start a new apprenticeship 1
FRM Reports 3
Functional skills exams 0
April free level 3 courses 1