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Posts Replies Date Created
Funding for additional costs 2
AEB Learner Support - Digital Hardship 0
Functional Skills Exams cancelled 6
Apprentice Leaving Employer Before Final Exam 0
Skills Funding Service (SFS) login? 3
Withdrawn during EPA 2
OTJ for a learner starting 2017 0
Actual OTJ Hours 1
COVID Tests for ILP/ITPs 1
PHours_01 0
Functional Skills 3
MI Systems 5
Extending PED without a BIL 1
Employed learners on Universal Credit hourly threshold 3
More than one EEF code 2
Reconcilliation Statement 2
R04 Common errors and supporting guidance 1
Working remotely - outside of UK 10
FRM42 5
DAS Completion Error 0
Post-16 monitoring: R04 reports for 2020 to 2021 0
Non-EEA citizen eligibility 4
Study Programme at more than one institution 1
FRM Reports on Dashboard 8
Contract/written agreement query 3
ESF Funding 0
Working Visa 1
Fuctional Skills Name Change Evidence 2
Eligibility Question: Biometric Residence Permit/Visa Query 2
Recording Break in learning for previous year after hard close 8